Quaesta Capital GmbH is a Frankfurt, Germany based independent Alternative Investment Management company focusing on financial market strategies and Real Assets.

Quaesta Capital is fully licensed and regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority "BaFin".


Due to the wide range of traditional and alternative investment strategies, the experts of Quaesta Capital can implement project and investor tailored strategies. The company has a track record of more than 10 years and comprises the asset classes equities, fixed income, foreign currencies and commodities.

The team employs highly sophisticated quantitative analysis and uses its extensive network within the Alternative Investment community to identify superior quality investment opportunities.




Quaesta Capital connects profitable investment strategies, currency risk management and investments in real assets around the world. Years of expertise and using synergies creates day by day the optimal value for our investors and partners with a long-term focus.


The team of Quaesta Capital and its subsidiaries comprise more than 20 professionals. For our common success, Quaesta Capital has gathered skilled experts of various fields. From financial services with strong analytical skills to the management of real asset projects around the globe with decades of extensive experiences - our investors and partners can count on a reliable and success-orientated team. Amongst us, we boost a combination of international and local qualifications.

The team of Quaesta Capital provides a unique, innovative and disciplined service designed to consistently grow our clients assets. We strive excellence across all aspects of our investment spectrum. Many of Quaesta Capital’s experts serve in multi-function capabilities but fundamentally, it can be broken down into the two main functions: investment strategy and investor solutions. Quaesta Capital explores, analyses and selects what it considers to be the best investment opportunities that equity, fixed income, currency, real asset and commodity markets have to offer.





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