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Quaesta Capital GmbH was founded in Frankfurt, Germany in 2005. The firm has since become a leading Alternative Investment Manager with a prominent circle of investors. Quaesta Capital is owned by the management and is regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Aim of the founders was to apply self-developed high-tech solutions in the world of Alternative Asset Management.

Quaesta Capital’s philosophy is to bring experts from various sectors together to the benefit of our investors. The team of Quaesta Capital and its subsidiaries unites more than 20 experts with distinctive experience in identifying and managing Alternative Investments in a tactical as well as strategic approach.

Quaesta Capital’s investors are institutional investors. Our long-term investors and clients include pension funds, insurance companies, family offices, banks, authorities and asset managers.

The company offers its reputable investors a wide spectrum of strategies and opportunities including:

  • Quaesta Capital’s market strategies focusing on absolute return and fixed income strategies

  • Systematic FX Overlay strategy providing a dynamic hedge protection against foreign currency risk

  • Tailor made real asset investment solutions (i.e. renewable energy, infrastructure, real estate, commodities and farmland)

  • National and international private equity projects with an active management approach

  • Natural resource investments (exploration and mining of high-grade precious metal deposits)

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