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Quaesta Capital offers tailor-made Absolute Return Strategies:

The importance of Absolute Return strategies among institutional investors is increasing. Returns can be generated in every market phase and diversify existing portfolios.   

Absolute Return strategies are an alternative to traditional equity and bond strategies. In addition, they are independent to classic benchmarks and can cover a wide range of financial instruments and strategies to generate returns and to hedge risk. The investment in Absolute Return strategies can be considered as a replacement or supplement to classic equity and bonds investments.

Quaesta Capital creates tailor-made Absolute Return solutions with regard to guidelines, investment instruments or risk profile and thus can optimally meet investors' requirements. Quaesta Capital offers awarded Absolute Return strategies since 2005 and makes use of equity, bond and currency markets.


Quaesta Capital's Approach:

A suite of self-developed, proven quantitative models is used to support investment decisions. The focus is on computer-assisted long/short trading models for equities, bonds, credit, currencies and volatility. 

Qualitative assessments of the respective investment strategies and their characteristics are performed in the relevant market cycles. The team of Quaesta Capital has access to internal and external research as well as on an excellent network of industrial contacts that has been built up over many years. The experienced fund management combines expertise in many market cycles and across all asset classes. Diversification as well as additional hedging strategies protect the portfolio against classic capital market risks.  


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