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Aurum Deutschland AG is a German mining and resource company engaged in the development and extraction of high-grade precious metal and polymetal deposits in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company was founded in January 2013 and is a subsidiary of Quaesta Capital. Aurum Deutschland AG has its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany and has a Kazakh subsidiary “Aurum Deutschland TOO” headquartered in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

In 2013, Aurum Deutschland acquired a commodity portfolio in the south-east of Kazakhstan, in the province Jambyl. Primary background is the German-Kazakh commodity treaty. The portfolio comprises of high-grade and already explored deposits enriched with gold, silver, polymetal and copper.

The commodity portfolio clearly stands out superior to most gold deposits by international comparison due to the high-grades of gold and copper as well as the excellent political framework that it is embedded in. The portfolio has large reserves and resources amounting to approx. 6 mln. troy ounces of gold, >15 mln. troy ounces of silver and 1 mln. tons of copper.

Aurum Deutschland is a priority project under the German-Kazakh commodity treaty and a priority, industrial investment project of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company aims to build a centralised processing complex for gold and silver and start production in late 2018.


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