Real Assets is one of the world's fastest growing asset classes whose significance and perception is significantly increasing among institutional investors. Long-term and stable returns are the key feature in a good project selection.



The benefits of Investments in Real Asset?


Low volatility: Real asset investments have a low volatility and are characterized by a low correlation to traditional asset classes.


Stable and long-term cash flows: Long-term investment horizons paired with calculable returns characterize real assets.


Natural diversification for the portfolio: A mix of Real Asset investments represents a diversified portfolio and can compensate fluctuations in economic cycles.


As part of the asset management for institutional investors, Quaesta Energy GmbH offers Real Asset solutions.

Diversification effects result from the diversity of the different investment objects as well as their domiciles. Quaesta Energy has access to projects in Europe, Central Asia and North Africa.

Beside the experienced team of Quaesta Energy, we provide access to an extensive network of institutional investors, companies, project developers, banks & development banks, politics and government agencies to meet and support the investment objectives according to the requirements of our investors. 

Are you interested in further information? Quaesta Energy is your partner in the realization of your Real Asset investment. Please contact us at info(at) or via the contact form.