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Christian Graf von Strachwitz | CEO

Prior to Quaesta Capital, Christian founded Dortmund Intelligence Project GmbH (DIP), a high-tech research and development company focusing on complex problems of financial markets and computational intelligence. DIP is the result of several years of combined research with the internationally leading "computational intelligence" group of the University of Dortmund. Christian graduated in economics from Freiburg University. He has more than 20 years of experience in financial markets mainly in Asset Management, Proprietary Derivatives Trading and Corporate Finance in Frankfurt am Main, Luxembourg and Paris. Amongst other positions, he was Fund Manager for ADIG in Luxembourg, where he managed fixed-income mutual funds and led the Asset Management team. He also developed new successful Asset Management products for several German banks targeting institutional and high net worth individuals. Christian is Founder and CEO of Quaesta Capital.


Dr. Wolfgang Kantschik | Partner

Wolfgang is a well-known international expert for leading "Computational Intelligence" methods. He is responsible for the further development of asset allocation technology (dipCast). Wolfgang studied informatics at the Dortmund University. Following his studies, he worked as scientific assistant for the Chair of Professor Wolfgang Banzhaf and researched and published articles relating to genetic programming, computational intelligence, artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic and evolution strategies. Furthermore, he arranged different research projects and industrial software projects, such as: a management system for public transport, biometrical fingerprint, identification and monitoring systems, EvoChess/Qoopy (a self-learning chess system based on an internet solution).


Christian Hiller von Gaertringen | Senior Partner

Christian is a widely-acknowledged expert in business and finance in Africa. He has an extensive international network and a profound understanding of the African economy in addition to his strong track record of financial expertise. One of his main strengths lies in the evaluation of opportunities and risks across all balance sheets and statistics. He graduated in Economics from the university Lumière Lyon 2 with a major in Money-Banking-Finance. Due to his strong analytical skills, he worked for 25 years as a financial and business editor in leading German and French newspapers (incl. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Die Welt, Wirtschaftswoche and Le Monde). Further, Christian is author of the best-selling book “Africa the next Asia. The Economic Upturn of a Continent”, published in 2014 in German by renowned publishing house Hoffmann und Campe in Hamburg. He is member of the Advisory Board of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Africa Studies at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. As Senior Partner of Quaesta Capital, Christian is responsible for project-sourcing in Africa.


Klaus Sterzik 

Klaus has more than 25 years of experience in international financial markets (incl. Frankfurt, London and New York). At Bankers Trust and J.P. Morgan he headed the Fixed Income team and was also in charge for the Fixed Income trading desk. Following this positions, he headed the Proprietary Trading Desk team of Deutsche Bank and was Global Fixed Income Risk Manager at Deutsche Bank. In 2001, Klaus co-founded the Asset Management company arsago ACM GmbH. As managing partner he was responsible for the asset allocation (interest rates, equities, commodities and currencies) for a global macro fund. In 2009, he was in charge for two funds at Mercurius Handelsbank. 


Joseph Tsalik 

Joseph holds a B.S. in Electromechanical Engineering, from NYIT, and attended both Fordham University's Business & Law School.  Joseph worked at top tier investment firms Goldman Sachs, HSBC Securities and Lehman, in the Fixed Income trading area. He established strong leadership in the trading environment, and in the financial markets overall. He has extensive strategic business management experience involving complex financial transactions, including project development & operations.  The past several years he has served as a Managing Director of Operations, working closely with several European organizations. He has well-rounded knowledge to promote trade and investment by facilitating engagement between Government and the private sector on a global basis.


Quaesta Capital has an excellent relationship with the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main. Students have the opportunity to write their master thesis at Quaesta Capital and support the team for several months. 

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